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Learn the 3 Myths of Healthcare That Are Costing Companies Millions.

Marcy Sanders, employee benefits advisor
Marcy Heath
Founder, InoVentive Solutions
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Your Business Demands a One-of-a-Kind Adviser

Meet Marcy Heath, founder of InoVentive Solutions.

Marcy is a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist. With over 20 Years experience, she’s in pursuit to change how companies manage their healthcare supply chain, improving employee benefits and drive greater bottom line profits for employers.

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Marcy Has Been Recognized as one of the Top Women in Benefit Advising in 2018

Marcy Heath literally wrote the book on the Next Generation of Healthcare and the benefits advice you need to achieve successful bottom line results while containing cost, improving benefits and reducing turn over.

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Our unique solutions provide access to your healthcare benefits app. Using the latest technology to get you the answers and attention you deserve, because your healthcare shouldn’t be a mystery.

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Haralson County BOC

Haralson County BOC came to Inoventive Solutions in search of better options. We worked together and crafted a self funded plan unique to their needs, resulting in massive savings and massive satisfaction.


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